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Jumpy La Bula de Hezekiah Jumpy
Patriarca Hezekiah.

La Bula de Hezekiah es una bula patriarcal emitida desde Terra Santa, santa sede de la Madre Iglesia, por el Patriarca Hezekiah el Viejo. Está específicamente dedicada a la condena de los pecados más grandes, como ser la tecnología y el sathraísmo.


Hezekiah, IN PP. M
Amados Protectores,
Oh Piadoso Pancreator, brille Tu Luz entre Tus hijos ahora, así ellos pueden ver el camino hacia Tí a través de la Oscuridad. Perdidos estaban; ovejas en la noche sin pastor, hasta que Tu Profeta caminó entre ellos, dando Su vida para llevarlos a las pasturas. Ten paciencia con ellos, oh Fuego Empíreo, y brilla por ellos, para que puedan seguir Tu luz hasta el hogar.

It is only through Thy Creation that we craft, from Thine own Divine Will, new shapes and forms for our living. We do so in honor of and to honor Thee in Thy perfect Will, and to understand Thee as we may. Many forget this Cause, and seek their own glory. They forge Evil from Thy gifts and call it Good. It is the duty of Thy chosen Church, Thy Voice in this lower emanation, to damn this Lie and damn those who enact it. We bear this duty with glad hearts and devotion. We shirk not even the censure of our brothers and sisters of Thy flock.

Herewith, we set down once more guidelines for the proper use of Thy Creation and declare the Proscription of certain items and processes by which Evil is loosed in the Universe that those wayward sheep might enjoy Thy light once more.

Hear, oh faithful, and heed the Universal Church’s words: Touch not these Proscribed goods lest thy Soul become darkened and never more reflect the Light! Use them not, or suffer the wrath of the Church, the Pancreator’s chosen Vessel! Think thee not that there is escape from the Eye of Faith; thy sins shall surely reveal themselves. Know that ye shall be weighed and that ye shall be judged. Those who have done Right shall be rewarded while those who have done Wrong shall be scourged.

I. La Tecnología que sea un peligro para el alma-espíritu o la experiencia corporal es una afrenta al Trono Empíreo. Tú, que degradas la Creación del Pancreator, serás degradado también. Thy soul shall shrivel and blacken, falling into itself like a mote before the All-Devouring Eye (1). Counted among such unholy technologies are those that crack the seals of Creation and unleash invisible rot on all living things (2), those that do tamper with the tiniest of the Pancreator’s beings and turn them from their ordained course to that of conscious virulence (3), those that open the inner ears to the honeyed tongues of demons and deliver men unto false worship (4), and many more that destroy all hope of life and faith among sentients.

II. La Tecnología que sea caótica o dañina para los seres vivos es una trampa de hybris, daring thy arrogance to grasp such things and seek their control, waking forces greater than thyself, events whose outcomes cannot be told. Only the Pancreator, and through His infinite wisdom and mercy, the Church is wise enough to see if such ends lead to good or ill. Counted among such technologies are those devices and artifacts left behind by our precursors, called by many names but addressed by the Prophet as Preadamites; and those sciences practiced in secret by the Republican elite of old which did dare to peer into the very weave of the Pancreator’s skein; and any such science that reaches beyond thy rightful grasp.

III. Technology that is soul-deadening and alien to humans’ natural lives is confusing to them and leads them astray from their proper and righteous path in the Light. It promises wonders but delivers also sin: covetousness, alienism, barbarity, and estrangement from their own kind. Counted among such technologies are the false-men, the golems, animate and non-animate alike, wrought not by the Mind of All-Creation, but from small, limited sentient thoughts. Likewise the synthetic souls that seem all-too-sentient but which are in truth mere mannequins to true soul reflectivity. So, too, condemned are the devices melded to the flesh and hidden in organic soil; such corruption insults the pure form ordained by Creation. All such insults — additions, enhancements, empowerments — are illegal in the eyes of the Empyrean.

IV. Technology that is corrupting and prolific with wrongful thought risks thy standings within the community, thy very fellowship with other sentients. Only Orthodoxy sets right the many twisted paths laid by false thought and erroneous faith. Counted among such technologies are the tragic and comedic magic lantern entertainments banned by the clergy, and those that allow for the self-creation of phantasms and seemingly real places, dancing to the whim of the unenlightened (5). The trade in such harmful plays, dramas, masques and literatures shall be monitored by the clergy, who shall, by dint of learning and discipline, rightfully determine what specimens are approved and what are banned with cause.

V. This Office does recognize the category of Merciful Technals, the medical sciences practiced by Saint Amalthea,and exempts them from undue persecution. Likewise, there are other such merciful technologies, gifts from the Pancreator or his Saints to all lowly sentients, groping through the Darkness for the Light. The clergy shall judge them for their soul value in all cases.

Y así sea, Luz sin Sombra, Universo si Final.

Terra Santa, 5005 A.D. (Antiquus Datum)

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1. Un agujero negro;

2. Energía nuclear, radiación;

3. Virus de diseño;

4. Sathraísmo;

5. Trajes de Realidad Virtual.

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